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Appreciation to following organisations and friends for their support:


From: "Nono in Kenia " <nonoinkenia@gmx.at> - Wed, 24 Dec 2003 15:07:29 - 
To: ndirangusimon@yahoo.com --Subject: my testimony... Kenya - East Africa

I am 18 years old and come from Austria. I lived and worked in Kawangware from September to December 2003 as a social worker and teacher for street children. All my experiences are positive, I never felt insecure  or harassed. Life  in that slum was of course not always that easy but I am so glad that I  had the chance to do it! Serving those children didn't mean that I just gave without receiving - they gave me so much, even much more than I could  have imagined, they are grateful for every friendly word, every smile, every   touch. It's  so easy to help, you just have to dare and to say yes to one of the biggest adventures in your life! 

Nono Innitzer at the Kilimandjaro:

 Sonja, Nono and Simon joyfully together, 
after a working day:

4 Aug 2004 16:40:18 +0200 
From: "Sonja Grafenschäfer" <

To: "simonkingori" <ndirangusimon@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: are you save back home?? 
Habari jioni,

i am save back...imagine...i feel so strange, so many rooms, so much space...so much from everything....
I miss Kenya and especially the people in Kawangware!
Greet John please, I really enjoyed every minute with him...but...My family is locking at me...every time they say...you are still in Kenya...and that is true....my lagguage is still in my ! suitcase...i am not ready to open it...
Now i am in a hurry, unbeliveable...in my small village, we dont have an internet cafe...that means I have to go to a bigger town....and in the slum of Nairobi is an internet cafe.....
I hope the next time i have more time...
All the best I look what i can do about the footballs...
Many greetings   Sonja

 The International Relief and Friendship Foundation in Germany - IRFF Germany support Helens Football Club and the Street Kids financially, with clothes and equipments

The Highschool Association for the Research of Principle in Spain -
HARP Spain:
Raised $ 400 for the streetchildren by selling little gifts and cards in summer 2005.


The Austrian International Relief and Friendship Foundation 
The Austrian Womens Federation for Worldpeace

organised a Charityconcert in Vienna on Dec. 9th 2006 for the streetchildren. The buffet for the guests after the concert was donated by both organisations. Amount raised: € 300. 

Klick at the fotos below !!!

Also after the concert and during the Christmas season over 100 calender were sold from Elisabeth Riehl (President of IRFF-Austria) and members of IRFF Austria which brought € 400 netto.

Mrs. Artmann was inspired to raise another € 380 together with a singing group at the holiday of "The three Magi".

Thanks to All, who made so much effort to ensure a happy holiday season and a good beginning for the New Year 2007 for the Streetchildren and Simon together in Kawangware, Kenya. 

Dr. Riehl Elisabeth (left) & Mrs. Amesbauer Renate introduce their organisations

Kellner Franz speaks about the Kingori Streetchildren Project 

The Vienna Peace Choir entertains the guest with Christmas Chorals 

Mag. Artmann Katharina - inspires with a deep Christmas story 

Miss Kliman plays classical music on the piano

Little Julia shows lovingly chinese dance 

Participants singing together "We are the world....."

Participants singing together "We are the world....."