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In August 1992 Simon and Helen - both members of the International Family Federation for Worldpeace - married and were looking with great desire, faith and love for a future as a family with many children. In August 1998 the bombing of the Nairobi Kenya USA Embassy put a big burden and challenge on their dream. Simon got heavy injured, he spent 5 month in the hospital and 2 years in the wheelchair. During this time he had several operations and the doctors told him, that he may never be able to walk again. Nevertheless, Helen took with untiring heart everyday care for him, including giving massages to his legs. After two years Simon was able to walk with crutches. During this time Helen was also working hard to support their living. 



After this time Simon + Helen had the vision to found the "Helen Kingori Children Foundation" to help spiritually and physically homeless orphans and poor children, who could not afford schools. Simon, who has an education as computer network engineer wanted to teach children at his computer at home. His parents have a big farm and where willing to support with food.


Some pictures with relatives and friends:


 from left: Simon's brother, Simon, his father, Helen, Simon's sister
 Simon and Helen at a Church Holiday in 2001
 Simon and Helen meeting with members of the Family Federation for Worldpeace
 Simon and Helen visiting relatives


On February 26th 2002 during Helen's visit of her family in Cameroon another tragic event interfered in their dream to establish the "Helen Kingori Children Foundation". On her way to the airport to return to Kenya, Helen was attacked with a knife by gangsters and died shortly later in the hospital. Even this shock was a reminder for Simon to invest himself more to fight with all his energy and capability against the present problems especially poverty, sickness and lack of education for children.


Some pictures of the memorial ceremony:




Dear Visitor or Friend who has shown interest and read this moving story so far, please visit the other pages of this webside to see the Visions, Goals, Activities of Simon and a way to contact and to support him in his project, which he will never give up. Thank you very much.